SLChomeshowLast minute schedule change… I’m going to be assisting the great Jet Set today at the Salt Lake Tribune Home + Garden Festival Cupcake Competition from 2-3pm today at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah. My man and I went last night (the parking lot was FULL, the place was PACKED) and put aside FREE-ENTRY TICKETS for four of my Lucky Red Hen fans!

Want one (two, three or four)? Leave a comment specifying how many you would use (today 10a-10p or tomorrow 11a-6p) and I’ll put your name(s) on the first four to pick-up at Will Call. (Hurry, because I will be leaving in a few hours and won’t be able to check my comments while I’m cupcaking!)

For anyone else who’d like a $3 discount (making the $10/person tickets only $7/person), use the promotion code “SWEET” during checkout!

On to my hair. It might look different during cupcake assisting today… we’ll see!

I want to look as gorgeous as my sweet friend Mama Leisha
(even when she makes funny faces she’s still beautiful)…

And my cut looked like hers, but didn’t act like hers (bangs made me sweaty)…HAIR_beforeB

Even with the bangs shoved away, sweat still happened so I decided to whack it…

by myself, in the mirror (you know that thing REVERSES the image?!?)…

which resulted in several accidental cuts of my FLESH instead of HAIR…

and a messy mess all over the bathroom (I’m one person,
why do I have so many scissors out for my hair?)

The day after my solo hair cut, it looked like a duck butt
when I took a pic with Studio 5’s Brooke Walker.
P.S. I don’t want to look like a duck butt.
But remember, I don’t know how to cut my own hair so no laughing!

Then I got a wild hair/hare to go platinum.
Luckily yours truly was smart enough to go to a professional.
Sitting in the bleach stings. But NO PAIN, NO GAIN, right?!?

Then under the dryer makes it hot stinging…HAIR_dryer

But Brooke and her Blue Steele face made the pain worth it.HAIR_brooke

This is my chop job before, and Brooke’s fix and style after.HAIR_beforeafter

If I want, I can resemble The Incredibles villain, Syndrome…HAIR_syndrome

or Guy Fieri

or Jimmy Neutron.HAIR_JimmyNeutron

See? Very Jimmyesque.HAIR_jimmwannabe

But it really doesn’t matter what it looks like, right? We’ve all looked at someone’s hair and thought, “Hmm, I don’t like it.”

So what if I don’t like how you do your hair, what you wear, or the other choices you make? As long as it’s not hurting or affecting someone else, it is not my business. Unless you ask for my opinion, I should say something nice or keep it to myself. Do you agree or am I way off base?

The other day on The Talk, Sheryl Underwood ripped off her wig (man her wigs are cool) and I shouted HOORAY! Good for her to be transparent and real about her beauty. That moment was my confirmation that I’m not the only one who feels comfortable enough to not care what other people think of how I dress, what my hair looks like, and the choices I make. I’d rather dress comfortably and not worry if my hair doesn’t look amazing.


Moral of the story: be yourself, do good things, and worry not about the opinion of others.

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Adventures of Stalker Dog

by Lucky Red Hen on March 6, 2013

Shih Tzu’s have been pampered lap dogs for eons, so why am I surprised that our pooch follows me around… Everywhere. All the time. No matter what.

Wait, that’s not true, if someone has food or there’s the potential of food to fall within her grasp then she’s not on top of me. Other than that, she’s my barnacle dog.

This is what she looks like when she’s sneaks in behind me and waits while I potty… only looking up when I giggle at her. Doesn’t she look guilty to you?
bathroom #stalkerdog

Today’s adventure includes an annoying smoke detector battery warning (which freaked her out to the point of shaking – don’t worry, we went to Costco and got replacements for all the alarms so it stopped), nudity, and Stalker Dog.

Yes, I said nudity. As in, I was nude today (getting ready to shower; I don’t think I’m alone in the fact that I get nude in order to shower) and I took pictures while in the nude, even getting part of my body in a photo.

IMG_9464wIf you’re a weirdo, you can look closely at my leg to see how often I shave my legs (the answer is: rarely).

Then I got into the shower and she followed me.
IMG_9465w(Yep, I brought my phone into the shower with me. Don’t you?!?)

I closed the curtain AND liner, then she wiggled her way in between them…IMG_9466w…to continue to stalk me O.O

She’s been like this for a while, thus prompting me to start her own hashtag on Twitter. If you’d like to see more of her antics, type #stalkerdog into the Twitter or Instagram search box and you’ll find her silly stuff under @LuckyRedHen.

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Listen to Your Inner Whisper

by Lucky Red Hen on February 22, 2013

As I laid on the couch worrying about getting my son to his performance that night an hour before curtain time (the rest of us were sick, as is about 3/4’s of people in the United States), the doorbell rang. A neighbor girl came to ask if they could give him a ride… out of the blue… without a word from me.

After the performance I found out that it wasn’t her parents idea (those kind of things are usually a parents doing). Their daughter had a feeling she should ask. Now THAT is awesome when a kid listens to their inner whisper and does good for someone else.

A woman recently shared a story about a similar experience. At first, she didn’t understand the prompting because the person she was supposed to contact wasn’t someone she knew well. She kept getting a feeling that she should send her a message and ask how she was doing. She did with no answer. That made her feel a little awkward, especially since it took some time for her to build up the courage to step outside her comfort zone. Time passed and the voice insisted she try again, and tell her that God loves her. This time she explained a little more about how she felt like she was imposing because they barely knew each other and didn’t want to seem like a creeper (these days people are used to being left alone that any sign of caring seems strange). A reply came this time, assuring her that it was just what she needed and she understood the intent in which it was meant.

  • Do we stifle thoughts that come to mind because we feel embarrassed?
  • Would we welcome -or- question someone coming to us with their concern for us?
  • Where do you think these whispers come from if not from God? You don’t have to be religious to get whispers or promptings.
  • Have we gotten so protective of our hearts (because we’ve all had experiences of heartbreak) that we aren’t willing to let others share their love/feelings with us?
  • How do you think that makes them feel when they’re just as nervous to try as we are to let them?
  • Isn’t it a vicious cycle if nobody is willing to give/receive?
  • Would we push that whisper away to the point we can’t hear it anymore?

Thankfully, I have people in my life who express their love for me. It’s not always the fluffy, lovey-dovey, positive words of affirmation. Sometimes it takes a person who we know loves us no matter what to give us the nitty gritty negative.

Like one friend who will point out when I’m being inconsistent. The first time it stung because, I think, people are intimidated by my awesomeness (said tongue-in-cheek) so they keep their negative thoughts to themselves. But when I dig down deep and listen to her, I can admit when I’m wrong (which is super rare, by the way) and correct myself so I don’t make that mistake again.

Last point (because this is getting long and blah blah blah). I picked up the phone to hear my friend on the other end start out, “Now listen to me and don’t talk back. I want to tell you…” then he went on to point out specific things about me he’s admired, wanting me to know my actions don’t go unnoticed. All he’d let me say is, “thank you,” and then we hung up. I love him, and not just for that.

Who could you reach out to and share some positive vibes? It shouldn’t be hard to think of at least ONE person. Now go do it: call, email, send a letter or postcard, give love in person, drop off a surprise on their doorstep…

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SLC Home Show : 10 Things

by Lucky Red Hen on January 5, 2013

Thanks to a super friend (and that her kidlets are sickly so she has to stay home and gave me her tickets; thanks, Becky – hope the kids are better quickly, but not fast enough that you’ll take the tickets back, hehe), Lindsey and I will be wandering around the Salt Lake City Home Show at the South Towne Expo Center tomorrow (Saturday; but it’s also open Sunday) and


might run into Ty Pennington SQUEE!!!

Who’s going? I’ll be back to report on the funness that we are expectantly going to have, you can bet on that.

Stuff that I’m interested in learning more about for our home:

  1. eventual remodel on the main level adding a gas line to the kitchen so we can have a gas stove
  2. building in a corner fireplace in the living room
  3. building the 2nd story deck finally (we’ve only had this house 9 years sans deck)
  4. splash pad in place of the hornet-infested sand box
  5. refinishing the wood floor on the main level (it’s basic oak that’s been distressed and stained dark)
  6. fancy carpet in the living room and office
  7. new furnace system
  8. master bed BED (oh how I want a Sleep Number; my number is the same as the Bionic Woman)
  9. window blind replacement on the back of the house where the sun BEATS THE BEJEEZIES out of them
  10. and TIPS TIPS TIPS on home organization and DIY stuff because I DO own my own drill (although it pooped out on me, RIP Makita, so I’m borrowing my husband’s)

I’m going to take a pad and pen to take some serious notes. When we have money to do any of the remodeling (hahahaha), I’ll be ready.

Do you want me to scope out vendors or products for you if you can’t make it? But, really, you should come because it’ll be information overload and you know what Oprah has said… “When you know better, you do better.” Or something like that. You catch my drift.

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What’s In A Name + Giveaway

by Lucky Red Hen on November 19, 2012

I often get asked where Lucky Red Hen came from and wish I had a fun story to tell.
The process of elimination was grueling. My actual name is already taken by a comedic actress and an accessory to a murder (two different people, not a murdering actress), so using my name was out.

Two-word phrases that I liked were already taken, so I moved on to three and made sure they didn’t come up in existing searches online. Do a Google search for “Lucky Red Hen” and I’m all that comes up for pages and pages…

Although I don’t believe in being LUCKY, per se, I like the word a lot (obviously). Being ‘blessed’ is the alternative term, but there is no way I’m going to use that word in my description/logo. {shiver}

“I’m a great believer in luck,
and I find the harder I work
the more I have of it.”
– Thomas Jefferson

“Life is not easy. We all have problems-even tragedies-to deal with, and luck has nothing to do with it. Bad luck is only the superstitious excuse for those who don’t have the wit to deal with the problems of life.” Joan Lowery Nixon, In The Face of Danger

RED is a powerful color, and known in China to be lucky. Traditionally, a red envelope is given as a gift is about 2.5 x 4 inches, are often printed with metallic gold ink with a picture of a lucky thing (such as carp, peonies, Zodiac animal or Chinese characters for positive thoughts/wishes) and should contain an even amount of money, avoiding the number four (which pronounced sounds like the Chinese word for ‘death’). You are welcome to send me a money-filled red envelope; click on the red envelope in the upper right corner for my address. P.S. Avoid giving a Chinese person money in a white envelope because they are believed to be unlucky.

My first eBay purchase years ago was a 42′ wooden rooster from Africa and it’s usually the first thing newcomers to our home comment on (the thing is seriously HUGE), but I’m not a guy so I adapted to use HEN instead of rooster. The rooster is a symbol of vigilance, courage, trust, bravery, and a good omen. To U.S. Christians it signifies the Passion of Christ. Jesus predicted Peter would deny Him three times before the rooster crowed the following morning, which he did.

All three words are easy to pronounce, spell, read, and comprehend; which is important when coming up with a business name. Some people think LITTLE Red Hen instead, which is forgivable, because at least it’s not FAT Red Hen. Am I right?

THE GIVEAWAY! The neat folks at have fun stuff at discounted prices every day for your shopping pleasure. Since it’s the season for giving (when isn’t it a good time to give?), they gave me a RED bubble necklace to giveaway to one of my LUCKY readers!

If you want it (for yourself or to give as a gift), leave a comment at the end of this post. Want more luck? I want more readers! Share this post with your Facebook and/or Twitter friends for an extra entry each (leave another comment for each). The winner will be announced next Monday (since it is a U.S. holiday and busy weekend), so you have plenty of time to spread the word!

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Station 22 & Provo’s Kevin Bacon

by Lucky Red Hen on November 16, 2012

When we lived here before, the restaurant market in Utah Valley was minuscule. Thank goodness others felt the same and did something about it while we were in Seattle! Now we have a lot more to choose from and to recommend to visitors and friends who may not know about the new gems.

My favorite, Carrabba’s Italian Grill at University Mall, never gets old for our family, but sometimes our dinner dates aren’t in the mood for Italian (WHAT?!?) and Station 22 Cafe in historic downtown Provo, Utah will please most palettes.

The owner describes his menu as fresh, reinvented versions of American family recipes and classic dishes. His version on the website is wonderful as he takes the reader on a journey through tradition, history, and thoughts of growing up eating grandma’s cooking. Experience it here. I admire a well-written bio.

It’s a great place for friends to gather and celebrate the birth of any friend, such as Jet Set, who made (with her own two, bare hands) the divine frock she’s wearing. Maybe when my birthday comes around she’ll make me one ;)

First time at Station 22 Cafe and you want to try a sure bet? Lisa (my birthday twin; hope you have one) excitedly shows you what ordering the Chicken & Waffles will get you… a perfectly toasted waffle with a mound of  bacon and tender, battered chicken drizzled in syrup.

The birthday girl with our design-fiend friend (no wonder she designs for a living, she’s so GREAT at it) Amelia Merritt.

Maybe you don’t know this yet, but Carina (that’s the birthday girl) is Provo’s Kevin Bacon. Apparently almost everyone in the city (and outside of it) can trace their ties back to her within six people.

The last photo is me with one of my besties, Cathy. We moved into an upstairs apartment and she and her husband lived in the basement apartment. If it weren’t for her, I would NOT have the circle of friends/family (put them together and you have “framily”) here that I do. She worked with Carina and a few others back in the day, and that’s how I met the first of my circle…

  1. LaYen/Waldo lived next to
  2. Formerly Phread.
  3. Waldo worked with Cathy, Jet Set,
  4. and Topher (who’s the husband of my birthday twin who’s coo coo for Chicken & Waffles), who’s a brother of CJane (she was with Jet Set at Formerly Phread’s house when I met them years and years ago).

There are other places in the Valley I have on my eatery list. I wonder if you like any of the same? Drop their name(s) in the comments section (maybe with a recommended food item) and we’ll see!

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I Don’t Elephant That

by Lucky Red Hen on November 15, 2012

There is a home builder in the area who has an elephant as part of their logo. A giant, red elephant. For some reason, their marketing people came up with substituting their elephant for a heart (which a lot of people read as “love,” such as in a graphic that states, “I [heart] you,” meaning I love you.) Or maybe they don’t mean for it to be a heart/love and really want us to read it as it looks.

I Elephant My Neighborhood

These graphics were so small that I spliced them together into a triple threat:
I Elephant Ivory Services
I Elephant I H
I Elephant My Home

A few of us on Twitter (and in real life) have adopted this terminology and sometimes confuse others when we use it, as in, “I don’t elephant that,” and, “I REALLY don’t elephant that.”

Does it make sense? No. But now you know what we mean when we use it…

elephant = love (apparently)

So if elephant equals love then what’s this next example supposed to mean? “I glove M J.” I’ll assume that it means that she loves Michael Jackson (although his famous glove was white with sparkles, not a red DON’T WALK symbol with a heart shape in the palm), but she should instead wear a shirt that says, “I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!”

But I guess it’s better than a t-shirt printed with a bunch of hamburgers or hot dogs.

I don’t elephant that.

But I DO elephant mustard.

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Racial Jokes & Labels

by Lucky Red Hen on November 14, 2012

Maybe it’s too late for me to be pondering deep thoughts. My intent here isn’t to ruffle feathers, sound like I’m ignorant, or be politically publicly incorrect.

A lot of people joke about race and the stereotypes of race. Some of those people, if they’re not of that race, get chastised or labeled racist for making such jokes. But most of the people who ARE OF THAT RACE don’t get in trouble (for the most part; I’m speaking generally).

For instance, we watch a corny show called GRIMM when the kids are asleep. If you don’t know it, let me enlighten you (if you know it, skip to the next paragraph)… A Portland Police detective starts seeing faces of a few people morph into monsters but nobody else sees it happen. He learns from a relative that he comes from a long line of grimm’s, monster killers to protect the non-monsters (regular people). However, he prefers to be a cop and is a strict rule-follower so he decides that he’s not going to be a monster killer, which is confusing to the monsters because ALL grimm’s want to kill them, no matter how well-behaved they are in the real world. At first, his partner doesn’t know, but now he does (he’s the only non-monster who knows) and is going with the flow. Here’s where I get to my point, kind of, because all that might not have been necessary (but now you know the premise of the show in case you want to try it – remember it’s corny, but still clever if you can get past the lame stuff). Another officer at the precinct is in every episode as the witty, funny, officer who does the grunt/background work for the detective team.

During one of the cases, the Asian officer is working at the computer and makes a joke about how he should be able to break into the code because he’s Asian, it’s in his DNA or something. The way he said it was meant to be funny. It was a joke. We laughed.

If a non-Asian would’ve said the Asian should be able to hack it, people would’ve been all up and down his case, saying he’s racist.

That’s what makes me confused. It was meant to be a joke, it was said by an Asian about Asian’s, so is it okay that I thought it was funny or, in theory, does that make me a racist? Why is it okay for him to say it but not a non-Asian? There are several comedians who make horrible jokes about their own race and their same race laughs and laughs and laughs because they’re true/funny.

To be clear, I am not racist. My first couple boyfriend’s were black (African-American, dark, what?), my grandpa was full Hawaiian but looked black (and I loved him so much I named my firstborn after him; that’s got to prove my non-racistness), and I’ve dated Mexican’s (my First Love), formerly homosecksual (I broke up with him because he sold Amway creepily, not because he used to live a gay lifestyle), a Filipino, a short guy, some fluffy guys, a Samoan, cowboy’s, trailer trash (that’s probably rude, but you totally know what I mean when I say that and I liked the guy so I can’t be in trouble for the label because it is what it is – is there a PC alternative?), a homeless guy, and mixtures of others.

Wow. I sound trampy. Oops, probably not supposed to say that word either? See what I mean? It’s tricky to tap dance around what words to say or not and how do you explain what you’re talking about unless you cut to the chase and state the obvious?

Wait. How’d I get from racial jokes to labels? They’re kind of lumped together, don’t you think? Same theory that if you talk about someone’s race, their economic condition, where they’re from, who they’ve been, or what they look like on the outside it’s an automatic black mark against you because you’re mean but you’re not intending to be mean just stating a fact. When does a fact equal racism?

Did I make any sense to you?

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