Icarus, The Staves Cover

by Lucky Red Hen on July 30, 2013

The little brunette in this music video made me a godmother. Well, her mother made her little baby my goddaughter. Although I don’t get to fly around waving a wand making magic, I do get to watch this beauty grow as a sweet, funny, smart, charitable, and forgiving person.

Wouldn’t it be the bees knees to be a fairy godmother? I would make all water fountains fitted to offer fresh lemonade (along with water because it is life’s juice) and make cell phones inoperable to all drivers while they are in motion. Although, how are you supposed to use a map to know where you’re going if you’re not supposed to use your handheld device? I like to look at the map even though my GPS app is voice activated with directions. I’m a visual learner.

Back to the video. Hope you enjoy listening to these gifted musicians…

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Katherine Nelson : What’s Mine is Yours

by Lucky Red Hen on March 25, 2013

KatherineNelsonBornBrave2Katherine Nelson‘s “What’s Mine is Yours” song is a poignant and empowering song relating to losing a child through death or adoption. She isn’t labeled a gospel or religious singer (she’s listed under Country), but as a believer in Christ, this song reminds me that all I have been given is from Him. When I feel heavy with burden, I know I can turn to my Father in Heaven for guidance, strength, understanding, and love.

Katherine Nelson Women of the World

(the above script from her album, in case it’s hard to read)
Women of the World…
the odds are stacked against us. There is an adversary who knows all too well that the annihilation of the spirits of the Daughters of God will destroy families, communities and even nations. Women have been born with the ability to reach inside for that instinct of survival, both physical and spiritual. Whether being passed down in our hearts by the countless women and mothers who came before us, or born out of our darkest hours of struggle.

that fuels our capacity to exercise courage, to face the unfaceable, and to rise above every circumstance. We carry the banner of faith, love, perseverance, and HOPE to all those whom are within our circles of outreach in life.

I truly believe that


– Katherine Nelson

I was lucky to be a part of a private album release in Salt Lake City, getting to hear Katherine’s beautiful voice in person as she sang this song live.
Katherine Nelson What's Mine is Yours

You can find Katherine Nelson’s website and social media links here:

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31 Days of Head Shots #13 Sisters

by Lucky Red Hen on October 13, 2012

Sisters, sisters… there were never such devoted sisters. Did you just get that song stuck in your head? I do whenever I say sisters. I’ve added the video at the end of this post if you’d like to see/hear what I’m talking about.

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Butter Bell: Where’s YOUR Butter?

by Lucky Red Hen on June 12, 2012

Our (no picture to show you of its cuteness) butter dish with lid broke. Sigh.

I spied it in a second hand shop and bought it on the spot because 1) we didn’t have a butter container and I don’t want to eat margarine, 2) it perfectly matched my red dishes, and 3) room temperature butter is LIKE BUTTER (get it?) to spread. My butter wants equal opportunity to spread itself all over whatever I’m covering.

Yes, I DID ask my butter and it DID answer me.

Then it collided with the floor and went in the trash. Photographing it afterwards would’ve been morbid. Yes, I like to see morbid stuff but I try not to torture my readers (hey, that’s YOU!)

Someone online mentioned they loved their butter bell, and since it’s European (aren’t European’s neat?) I figured I’d give it a try. Those Europeans have been around a lot longer than us, you know. (Wait. Is that right? I don’t even know. History is a mystery.)

I realize this is probably the weirdest angle to show our butter bell. But I'm lazy right now, and it's dark, so there.

I’d like to introduce you to my butter bell. It’s red (as you can see, above) like my dishes and sits inconspicuously on the counter, so it’s not gaudy. The instructions say to change the water every three days but I’ve heard, and have gone longer myself, that you can stretch that time depending on your location (probably has something to do with the humidity). And manufacturers usually lean on the super safe side so it could be three days for some areas, but it lasts longer (the water actually stays cool on our counter) at our house.

We got ours on (because we adore Amazon). Sorry brick & mortar shops; we still love you and will shop at your place if the prices are reasonable, we need it right away, your service is impeccable, or if you have something we can’t get online.

And have you heard of Ryan Innes and his butter-like chops? Please enjoy his favorite song of mine (and if you want to buy his stuff, go here, I bought the light blue t-shirt with red/yellow logo of his cute face.)

THE BUTTER SONG by Ryan Innes with Chase Baker

The first time I met Ryan Innes was at Sammy’s Pie Shake in Pleasant Grove after his gig. Man he can bust a tune LIVE! LOVE it! He kindly posed for a pic with yours truly :) (I don’t get THAT excited for pics with just any musician, just two so far… Ryan and Allen Stone.)

That’s not all! I professed my love to his Butter Song in person and continually on Twitter so much that we had this little Tweet Fest about it…

Heavenly. Isn’t that sweet? Yes, yes it is! Squee!

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Smoothie Dog

by Lucky Red Hen on May 1, 2012

After 120 some-odd smoothies in our BlendTec, I think I’ve finally perfected a semi-green smoothie that my kids will eat. For some reason, I don’t mind weird tasting smoothies but they do. Sigh.

And the dog sings while it blends…

Step 1: add liquid (water or juice) to allow the blade to start it's job.

Step 2: add a heaping serving spoon of super protein rich Greek yogurt (too much and it'll be too sour because I don't add sweetener).

The Greek Yogurt (I got from Costco) label... Hey! Gluten-free!

Step 3-4: add a huge handful of spinach (it's tasteless and I usually add WAY MORE than what you see in this pic but this was all we had in the fridge) and a banana for sweetness and creamy texture (without having to add heavy cream like I have been known to do in the past), which can be fresh or frozen (freeze bananas in 1/4's individually on a cookie sheet before transferring them to a storage bag or they'll all stick together).

Step 5: add frozen mixed berries for the rich, red color, taste, and chilled effect (if I use non-frozen berries I'll add ice at this point).

Step 6-7: blend it all up, pour it into a cup/glass (I have been known to stick a straw into the pitcher so I don't have to dirty another dish), and enjoy (but not too fast or a brain freeze might ensue).

Give it a try if these flavors intrigue you. It’s a trial-and-error sort of method, especially if you don’t have certain ingredients on hand. But I actually get cravings for my smoothies, especially in place of breakfast. Sure, I could have more greens or other healthier items, but this is better than a bowl of Cap’n Crunch and doesn’t rip the roof off my mouth!

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Allen Stone is Delicious

by Lucky Red Hen on August 5, 2011

Me with Allen Stone after his show

This guy… if you have a chance to see him sing live, DO IT! Allen Stone has been touted as the up-and-coming artist to watch. His lyrics are instense, the videos crack me up, and his voice like soulful syrup… delicious!

My BIL turned me on to him several months ago to this video and I was hooked (line and sinker).

Allen Stone – Quit Callin\’

(Um, where’s the rest of my post?!? UGH!!!)




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Anjelah Johnson (Beautiful Nail) at the Snoqualmie Casino

by Lucky Red Hen on February 1, 2011

This YouTube clip of comedian (which I like to pronounce com-E-DEE-ann instead of com-e-de-un, kind of feminizing it) Anjelah Johnson is a riot. Drea and I quote this set all the time. Maybe we should come up with our own jokes, but why reinvent the wheel, right?


My SIL’s aunt (THANKS, Linda!) invited four of us the day before the show (she bought the tickets for her and her kids a long time ago but didn’t realize until the night before that it’s a 21yrs and older show since it’s at a casino… woops! for her and yay! for us).

Lucky girls ready for Anjelah Johnson

The casino parking lot was PACKED (we shuttled to the parking garage), but it wasn’t for the show. People ACTUALLY go to this casino to hang out, drink, gamble, eat at the restaurants, and dance in their clubs. What?!? Really? I mean, I KNOW what a casino is for (my dad works in a casino), but I didn’t realize SO MANY people would drive all the way out there for that. The cigarette smoke alone, gag. Another thing that got me was the music in the club… 80’s pop (which I like, but it’s the leading theme for a dance club? Huh.)

Sisters-In-Law, but really friends

Little tidbit about my younger years… there are some families, like us, that reserve at least one night a week as Family Night. We turn off our phones and the TV and spend time together. Our kidlets look forward to this and are quick to remind us if we happen to space it. They love it. We love it. Growing up, my family would lay out a craps board and we’d bet with poker chips. I was pretty good (practice, practice, practice) and did alright when we took a family trip to the Peppermill in Reno. The best part about being a girl at a craps table? Old guys like to share their money with you with NO STRINGS ATTACHED (cute flick, by the way). Word.

Seat neighbors

What I don’t get about a comedy show… people on the front row getting up constantly to fill their drinks. It was SO distracting. Why pay front row prices if you’re going to spend a quarter of your time getting booze? Maybe you should arrange for bigger cups; or bring your Camel Back as your flask. Sit down!

Anjelah Johnson at Snoqualmie Casino 2011

If you have a chance to see her, do it. She did NOT disappoint (you know how you see a movie preview and find out later that the ONLY good parts were in that preview because the rest of the movie sucked? Yeah, she’s not like that.)

P.S. The other thing you should do? Leave me a comment, especially on yesterday’s post so you can have a chance to win a FREE Blog Header. The winner will be announced Thursday!

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Can I Have Your Number? You Tube video

by Lucky Red Hen on May 21, 2009

This is one of my all-time favorite You Tube video clips. It’s from Madd TV about a guy who’s attracted to a girl in a movie theater.

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