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Baby, OH! Delicious Baby

by Lucky Red Hen on April 18, 2011

I warned you she’s delicious! This little one is such a doll face. EVERYONE who see’s her for the first time says, “She looks just like a DOLL!”

Even when she scowls >=| (I love it!)

…and between awake time and sleep time.

I have to admit. She makes my lack of baby photography skills look good.

I’m not fishing for compliments… there is an art to photographing babies that I haven’t figured out yet. I get SUPER sweaty and stressed that another angle would be better but I’m just not seeing it.

Thank goodness I got to practice with such a beauty! And thank goodness for Bonnie’s huge window of light (I don’t have any of those).

This last image stills my beating heart. Those lips are divine!!! Om nom nom.

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What Do You Want From Me? Plus Newborn photos.

by Lucky Red Hen on March 29, 2011

Blogging regularly is tricky for me because I think y’all want to see photos with posts. Is that what you want? Or are you here for my outlook on life and weird musings? Do be honest, I guess if I was asked the same thing about someone else’s blog, I’m not sure I’d know how to answer. Am I there for the photos or stories?

I like photos, of course. And I suppose you do too (who doesn’t?) But are photos mandatory? If they are, which is how I think, then my posting will have to be few and far between. I’m just not photographing as much lately, instead wanting to concentrate on my family (not saying that others can’t do both… it’s just difficult for me to manage.)

But you’ve figured out that I HAVE been taking photos lately (obviously, because there are pictures in between these paragraphs), so I DO have content to share sometimes. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m doing a lot more photographing for someone who’s decided to not do photographing. Hmm. That’s odd. Perhaps I should tell myself that I’m not going to do anymore laundry and it’ll start getting done around here ;)

Sometimes I have an idea of what I’d like to write about, some deep and meaningful thoughts, but I freeze when I don’t have a photograph to put with the post then I wait too long and another subject seems more important and I bail on the other one.

Should the photo coordinate with the post? Does it HAVE to? Maybe not. I’ve seen other bloggers post sans photograph. I kinda think they’re braver than I to not have a crutch of needing one to post.

There are ideas in this 10% used gray matter of mine that could offend others (religion? politics? secks?), bore some (E = MC2), embarrass a few (remember that time when so-and-so was caught making out with…), or just plain make me look like an insensitive idiot (racial/cultural observances). Honestly, I don’t think what goes on in my head is that much different than many other people around the world (just willing to admit it), but whether or not I can convey what I’m really feeling via words typed on a screen is another story.

Q: Are you here for the fun, the stories, deep thoughts, or photographs? Or maybe you accidentally clicked on my blog and really didn’t mean to be here at all (it’s possible, and I forgive you if you never come back).

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Ollie Ollie In Come Free

by Lucky Red Hen on October 25, 2010

What’s with all the babies lately (and what’s the saying that sounds like Ollie Ollie In Come Free, and what does it mean)? As I sat here with a cricked neck (wannarubitout?), I realized that NOTHING of interest happened today worth blogging about. (Thinking again just in case. Nope, nothing.) So here’s a quick little story about my nephew, shown above.

Last Sunday at church, Ollie’s mom handed him to me and said, “He hasn’t pooped in three days, he’s cranky because of it and he’s really tired but doesn’t want to sleep.”


You tell me something like that and you bet I’ll try to fix it. And when I say fix it, I don’t mean actually get the stuff out of him by means we will not discuss here. With her youngest daughter, it was my job to put her to sleep in the last two hours of church; and I delivered, E V E R Y time. Seems that with OTHER PEOPLE’S kids (not my own, of course, when it really matters to me), I’m the baby whisperer.

And I don’t like babies. (“Whatever,” my friends say.)

So I got him cozy against my baby-friendly front and held his legs in a squat position while I gently giggled him up and down (super gently, like, barely moving). He was relaxed, dozed off and !!!SQUIRRRRRRRRT!!!   !!!SQUIRRRRTTT!!! It echoed and got the entire room turning in disbelief.

{signing off as the baby pooperer}

P.S. Neoma says… “It’s “ollie, ollie, oxen free” and means that someone kicked the can over and everyone can come out of hiding now.”

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Twinners – Aiden & Ethan (or Ethan & Aiden)

by Lucky Red Hen on December 12, 2006

Warning: Nudity to follow (little cutie booties)…

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Draw The Line – How Far Is Too Far In Photos

by Lucky Red Hen on April 5, 2006

Here’s my minor dilema.

I like taking pictures of people; old, young, big, little, pregnant, etc. Saturday I took some nude maternity pics. There were clothed poses too; the coolest pic of the group was the nekid one.

Here’s where the dilema comes into play. She has a friend that would like me to take partial-nude (her term, not mine) photos of her. But I don’t want to unless she’s way pregnant so I don’t look like I’m producing porn or Playboy-style pics. I’m guessing she’s not pregnant at all and just wants sexy pics; probably for her husband. If I’ve taken pics of her friend completely nekid, how can I explain that I don’t do non-maternity nudity? If I say yes to her then I’d have to say yes to the girl that wants some for her boyfriend. Where do I draw the line between doing what the customer wants (I am providing a service, they provide the material) and my morals. I have my own ideas of how I can handle the situation, but mine are sometimes (I say that loosely) rough and I want some feedback from blogland.

Plus, if it gets around that I’m taking nekid pics of women… see where I’m going?

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Dedicated to: Phread and My Sister

by Lucky Red Hen on March 28, 2006

Alright. Here I am posting 2 days in a row! I still don’t know what I’m doing and am nervous about typo’s and prepositional phrases but I’ll take a stab at it.

So, what shall I blog? Well, I’ve been getting a lot of mileage off of the recent maternity pics I took of my gorgeous friend (she’ll have her 4th baby this week) so I think I’ll post another and see how long I can go getting all the compliments. The top picture is her (that should be obvious).

My newfound passion for photography began in December with a call from a neighbor I HATED but now LOVE (that’s a whole ‘nother post). She worked at a portrait studio and they had overlapped her Saturday for 2 weddings and she was desperate for help at the 1st one during the last 1/2 (so she was there for the 1st 1/2 of the appointment when we took pictures of the couple). She HAD called everyone she knew that took pictures then settled with me because she didn’t have any luck. It was the night before, about 7:30 pm. We went to the studio so she could show me other wedding pictures so I knew what pictures to take and the standard poses. She showed me how to use a fancy Nikon; the flash, focusing, zoom, etc. My job was to meet her there and act like I’ve done this hundreds of times before while we took pictures of the bride and groom outside before the ceremony/reception. Well, needless to say I ROCKED THE CASBA and have found a new creative outlet!

The 2nd picture up there (look, up) is my first bride and is still my most favorite picture from a wedding. I call it my “fur” picture – a little perverted but that’s only to people who think dirty. By biggest boost came about a week later when the brides mom called wanting an Open House invitation. She was told to pick 4 or 5 of their favorite pictures to add to the invite. Well, 4 out of the 5 were the pictures YOURS TRULY took ;o) I was stoked and have been hooked ever since.

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Hot Models Help the Photographer

by Lucky Red Hen on March 27, 2006

So I’ve been dabbling in the wedding photography business with my friend, H. Saturday I took maternity photos of another friend that’s due in 2 days. She looks absolutely amazing, thus the reason why I asked her to be my model. Can’t take a bad picture of her ;o) I hope to get better, of course, but this is a good start!

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