STOP IT : Gossiping (Lying)

by Lucky Red Hen on April 2, 2012

Lying sucks. Add gossiping to that and you get nothing but a bowl full of nasty.

It’s no surprise that people talk about me/you behind my/your back. This isn’t news. I’m actually used to it. Not that I like it, but I’ve accepted the fact that it will/does happen, and I cannot change it so why get bent out of shape about it. (If only someone would invent a remote control that will MUTE gossipers.)

A thread on Facebook that started with “So here’s the deal… DON’T LIE TO ME!” was a trigger to write this post. Here are comments from it:

  • Lying is the ONE thing that EVERYONE has control over. When you lie you make a conscience decision to do it… and for some it comes naturally.
  • Why is NOT lying so stinkin’ difficult for so many people?
  • I will never put up with that again… from anyone! One of my biggest pet peeves too.
  • A lie is one of the worst things you can ever do to degrade yourself; it is one of the most difficult things to undo. You may be in trouble for telling the truth, but to lie makes things twice as bad. Tell the truth, take your punishment and live with your choices!
  • Lying shows a persons weak character, what they lie about shows their heart!
  • You know some folks just don’t get it. Delete from your life. Don’t waste your time with them.
  • Some people don’t lie just to get out of trouble and lots of times the truth wouldn’t even mean punishment. Making up a story to make you look better to the world, ugh! Then there’s lying by omission, just NOT telling. JUST TELL THE TRUTH!
  • People who, in general, walk in truth live an easier life because they would not do something they would have to lie about later.

That last comment is me to a tee. My memory is kinda horrible. Having to remember what I lied about to not get caught is impossible for me so I tell the truth. Well, I tell the truth because that’s the right thing to do (even if I had a good memory).

Another trigger was an unexpected text exchange yesterday with a friend…
Buddy:  He’s in deep trouble with a lot of people. He has not been good about telling the truth. Truth is important to me.
Me:  Dude, you’re preaching to the choir!
Buddy:  That is what I love about you. Could tell from day one. Your word is WORD.

I’m glad people recognize that in me, if nothing else. The trick is when I find out someone, especially someone close to me (who really, REALLY knows better), has lied to me. And if you BOLD FACE lie to me after I’ve specifically asked you up front…

Maybe it’s that I find it hard to forgive
the follies and vices of others,
or their offenses against me.
My good opinion, once lost,
is lost forever. – Mr. Darcy

Yesterday’s LDS General Conference had a poignant talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf that I’ve already reread, and it’s made me ponder what I should do when I find out I’ve been crossed, lied to, gossiped and talked negatively about behind my back. Just be honest with me and we’ll get along swimmingly.

I created this artwork based on President Uchtdorf’s message:

I adhere to the lesson, “Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.” I don’t have a problem with forgiving. We are imperfect people, we (I) make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stick around to keep getting burned.

Sometimes we have to look at friendships/relationships with people and say, “That was good while it lasted, it served its purpose. Now we move on to other life experiences.” They could be FABULOUS people, full of joy, love, honesty, and whatever else. Just because we no longer maintain a relationship doesn’t mean either of us are bad or something went wrong. Maybe that one is done to make room for the next.

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My Lifeguard Walks On Water

by Lucky Red Hen on March 12, 2012

Santa gifted me an online Illustrator 101 class. You know, the kind that’s just a video series you follow along to and turn in homework once a week for the teacher to critique.

I figured that would be a handy way to learn without the commitment of having to drive somewhere, park, and set aside a certain time every week. Going at my own pace seemed like a handy way to manage my time.

Instead, it’s kinda turned out to be irritating because of my recent Russian worm virus (or, with a Russian accent, I like to pronounce it Russian verm) that struck my main computer, a PC.

Switching from a PC to a Mac is a long time coming, yes. Being forced to change is stressful enough and adding instruction on a new-to-me program threw me into a tailspin. Luckily, the teacher sympathized with my plight and transferred my scheduled class to the next one, giving me some time to adjust to the wonders of Macdom.

Our first week explained the basics, mixed with some magical tricks only Illustrator can do. She encouraged us to peruse Etsy for ‘poster typography’ examples and create something utilizing what we’ve learned. I had seen the following words on a picture on Pinterest and came up with the design on my own (with plenty of mistakes, redo’s, start over’s, and jimmy-rigging to do what I wanted)…

A graphic designer friend nicely told me I did a great job (thanks, Joel!), knowing that I’m new at this and have NO design background. I’m excited to learn more and hope I get more natural with the design process so it doesn’t frustrate me so much. With so many ideas in my head, it’d be cool to figure out a way to get them on paper (or in a digital file, haha).

Practice makes closer to perfect so I’ll keep plugging along :)

P.S. Do you get that the lifeguard is Jesus? Is that implied or do you go ??? at the end?

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