photos of extra stuff

Pretend like you’re coming over to my house, we’ve enjoyed visiting, and you’re about to (recluctantly) leave. This is what you’ll see on your way out!

A message saying, “Please Come Again!” and four of my favorite images printed on metal and hung together. They’re gorgeous in person, having a metal sheen that makes them POP! Plus they have dimension standing out from the wall, not pressed up against it.

Here’s looking into our teensie tinesie (how do you like my phoenetic spelling?) hall bathroom. Custom gallery wrapped canvas wall art (say THAT five times fast!) that’s perfectly safe in humid spaces.

These photos were taken a couple years ago at a nearby park. I was trying out lenses to see which one I might like to get next (the Canon 50mm 1.2f L lens, thankyouverymuch, birthday is coming up). The kidlets weren’t dressed for a photo shoot or coordinated for permanent wall art, but I used them as test subjects.

The piece on the left is four images of them making different poses every time I pressed the shutter button. The piece on the right is of them holding hands (not sure they’d be as willing to do that anymore, so I’m glad I captured their sweetness when they would let me). It’s actually not a technically sound image. My highlights are blown out, my shadows are too dark, and I’m not sure that anything is in focus.


“How does it make you FEEL?”
– Joe Buissink

Images of my kids make me feel extremely happy. That is why they hang on my wall. Not because they’re award winning.

The metals, on the other hand, are ROCKIN’ technically sound images :) Here’s a closer look (including the reflection of the dining room chandelier on Lisa and Eli’s faces, woops) of them before hanging.

…and a little snipet of my slipper :D

Here’s another way to get dimension with our unframed canvas painting. It’s stapled to the wall (where the creases/folds are) and stuck on the right side with painters tape. It reminds me a bit of my grandma, Lucille, who’s been gone for a long time.

The art on the left is by Adde duLaux Russell. It’s three separate canvases, making packing/moving a breeze. We met her in Seattle after seeing her one-winged angel silhouette painting (that’s not hanging in our house, unfortunately, it’s on a wall in a Sun Valley home instead). We’ve had it about nine years now, and every year we swap Christmas cards… how sweet is THAT?!?

The photograph on the right is of aspen trees in American Fork Canyon, UT, by Russell Gunther. His brother and I traded it for a quilt. I had already committed to making a baby blanket for their 5th baby, so he said (after trying to gift it to me and I wouldn’t take it for free), “I’ll trade you this for a quilt,” thinking that meant the baby blanket. But I talked to his wife about making a simple adult-sized one for him for fun, in addition to the baby blanket, and she agreed that it’d be funny.

Well, after trying to find the perfect fabric (I was seriously just going to get two pieces of fabric and sew them together, super easy) and coming up empty, I switched gears on accident and decided to try a design I’ve NEVER even come CLOSE to doing (nor had I ever made anything bigger than a baby blanket). This is what my 2 piece blanket turned into…

…well over 400 pieces in a Bullseye Design, cut in four’s and reconstructed. P.S. That’s not him, that’s his son holding it for me the last time I was in town so I could get picture proof that 1) yes, I did make it, and 2) yes, they¬†actually use it.

We have more art hanging in our home, so maybe I’ll have to post another tour to show you the rest. By the way, all these photos were taken with my cell phone. You’d think I’d use my real camera, but no.

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Captain America and, um, Mrs. Captain America?

by Lucky Red Hen on March 23, 2010

ComiCon attendee as Captain America
ComiCon attendee as, um,
Mrs. Captain America?
At Emerald City ComiCon last weekend,
we saw some crazy costumes!
Go to for LOTS of
from the event.
You can also find the Jack Burton Adventures graphic novel
(only 5 bucks)
and t-shirts for purchase (those are 18 bucks).
Stan Lee, Spiderman creator, shaking a fans hand.
Lou Ferrigno, The Hulk, who was SOOO NICE
and had soft hands (he was my favorite part
of the entire ComiCon…
I was so nervous to be around him
– absolutely star struck!)
Jeff Lewis, The Guild, was fun to visit with.
Aaron Douglas, Battlestar Galactica,
acted like he was mad, but he wasn’t.
He was nice :)
Robin Thorsen, The Guild,
was GORGEOUS and very
fun to visit and photograph.
The highly securitized
(can you tell I made that up?)
was smiling (at $60/autograph
I’d be smiling too, winkwink).
Wil Wheaton, Star Trek TNG,
was proudly talking with a fan
of his Canadian hockey team
at the recent Olympics.

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Baby Calvin's Pics Made Into A Memory Book

by Lucky Red Hen on December 28, 2009

Today I’m cheating by using someone else’s blog to do my work ;)

I share with you a love story about a baby who was supposed to share this Christmas with his family in person… and I get to say that my talent, that the Lord has blessed me with, made it possible to help them heal and remember him. I cried.

EDIT: Dudes, I should really catch up on my blog reading (I follow too many people, time to pare down). Amy posted a picture of the necklace I made for her with Calvin’s picture on a Scrabble tile. She liked it! Yay :)

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Drea's Going to Mexico!

by Lucky Red Hen on December 23, 2009

As you can tell (by the title of this post), Drea is going to be in Mexico for the holidays (she left 15 minutes ago, wah!) In hopes of safe travels for her and her family, I dedicate today’s post to her FIRST date dance that happened a couple weeks ago. (Psst… I miss you already! Thanks for my Christmas clock.)

Sometimes I get a wild hair and take on projects I don’t even know how to do. Case in point: I told her I would make a fascinator (fancy hair clip with feathers) to match her dress and since I was doing that I should go ahead and whip up some matching earrings and necklace. I’m crazy, I know, but I think they turned out pretty fantastic :D

Warning: These images were taken with a lame point-n-shoot that I don’t really like using. Carry on.

Here’s the “fascinator” hair clip…
The earrings and necklace…
Her cute smile and the necklace up close (and blurry)…
Her friend, and date, Reid…
Reid cooking the meat for spaghetti sauce…
Aren’t these brown eyes TO DIE FOR?!?
Drea with our friend, Bella, and Glen like a monkey on her back
Glen (my partner in crime, and by crime I mean board/table games like Wackee 6)
with his date, Dom(inique), and their perfectly hued outfits!

Drea, hurry back!

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Sometimes when I’m on a flight, I don’t mind talking to my flight mates (if I say “mates,” do I sound as cool as an Australian?)

Like the time last Friday on my way to SLC.
This is Heather (a nurse for kids with cancer) and Ryan (helps people in Mortgage crisis). We ROCKED the First Class section on our Southwest flight (which is the first row on the left; didn’t cha know?) If only every person on the flight was as cool as us (if only).

Doh, like the time eons ago (my early 20’s feels like eons)…

There was a drunk and dirty man ranting and raving in the terminal prior to boarding. An off-duty policeman offered to let them rearrange seating so he could assist, but the plane was full and we were about to board.

I take my seat at the window, an old man took his aisle seat and, of course, the drunk and dirty man sat in the middle! What to do, oh, what to do?!

I did the only thing I could get away with… I played deaf.

Not that I know how to sign, beyond the alphabet that Annette and I would use across the room during band class, but I CAN not talk (hard to believe, I’m sure)!

Sticking my nose into a magazine worked for only a few minutes before he started in on me about how absurd it was that they weren’t serving alcohol soon enough (he was set with his miniature bottles, stashed so carefully in his carry-on) and that they wouldn’t let him smoke in the “can.” I pretended not to notice him talking until he biffed me on the arm to claim my attention. Acting startled, I turned his direction and shook my head while pointing at my ears, motioning to him that I couldn’t hear. He seemed puzzled as he asked with slow-moving lips, “Y o u c a n ‘ t h e a r m e ?” I repeated my earlier response; a shake of my head while pointing at my ears. He “hmph’d” then turned to the old man and started in on him.

When it came time for drink orders, I handed the stewardess a piece of paper that said, “Coke, please” and smiled as I nodded my head asking for confirmation that they understood. Drunk and dirty dude blurted to her that I was deaf as the wide-eyed stewardess nodded back to me.

When the flight landed, drunk and dirty dude shot up out of his seat and shoved his way off the plane, exclaiming obnoxiously about how badly he needed a smoke. Suffering through the flight as well, the other passengers let him pass. Upon my approach to exit the plane, the stewardess that brought my Coke motioned toward me as she told the others standing there that I was deaf, pointing to her ear. Slowly she said, “T h a n k s f o r f l y i n g w i t h u s !” Smiling, I replied, “Thank YOU!” As her face froze in shock, I explained that I faked that I was deaf because of drunk and dirty dude.
Some of the labies at our 3 hour Carrabba’s luncheon on Saturday…
(l-r back: RCola, Azucar, Suedonym, NitzWould, yours truly, b., Compulsive Writer, Geo
l-r front: formerly phread, Sister Pottymouth (holding her baby), Gerb, LoDown, pFlower (holding Twisted’s baby), Tiffany Twisted (by the way, my arse isn’t as big as it looks – it’s actually quite cute thankyouverymuch)
Carrabba’s proprietor, and my buddy, Clay Drinkwater
(trust me when I say it pays to know the owner)

Then I stopped by Provo to hang with this fella, Jared Smith (a.k.a. my lil’ bro), and help him get ready for his date with Angela (incidentally, we met a couple years ago when he was a waiter at Carrabba’s – that’s how I roll… does it MATTER where/how you meet a friend?). Man, I look fabulous in this picture, ifIdosaysomyself.

Retired UT County Sheriff, and my Harley Davidson riding instructor, Lance McDaniel (a.k.a. my family – that guy knows how to make me cry at the drop of a dime – I’m such a baby). He runs the service department at the Lindon, UT Harley Davidson, and I ALWAYS stop by to say HI when I’m in town (I didn’t even do any shopping this time, darnit). By the way, he really IS smiling, even though you can’t tell with the facial hair in the way!

Then some more hot South UT County momma’s got together with me for Cafe Rio in Lehi and gabbing. l-r is Tiffany, Linda, Cathy, Anita, yours truly and Amy. It was FREEZING as the camera was on timer, and nobody likes this picture of them – but I DO because they’re my friends :)

One of my boys, Jared Wardell, who’s going to Spain for a couple years :)
Jared W’s brother, Corey, who’s a magnificent (hetero) dancer.
Whenever I’m over there, he claims he’s my favorite in the family.
I usually humor him and agree (he really IS great, of course,
even though I stopped paying him by the hour for yard work
and started paying him by the job instead).
Beautiful Joy, with other peeps on the couch.

My old neighbor kid, Chris Weaver, who used to do yard work and other odd jobs for us when we lived there (he’s worth every penny – hard worker and amazing person) and the man of the hour, Jared (again). We were giggling all afternoon! Banana woman :)
…in between giggles.
Jared and Corey’s sister, Jen, and I before the next picture.
Jen and I AFTER the previous pose.

Oh. My. Goodness. THIS fella is very special to me and he married a SUPER sweet girl and have a super cute daughter with a son on the way! This day was his BIRTHDAY, so I’m glad I was in town to wish him happy happy in person! I heart you, SCHLOPPY!
Dedicated readers will remember this hunk, Colby, my fav.

But have you seen Colby’s super sweet little brother Myles? Here he is, in all his glory. WHAT. A. SWEETIE! I’m not sure where their sisters were at this moment, because I should’ve gotten a pic with those gorgeous girls too (beautiful family).And the piece de resistence (say that with your best Fronsh accent), Miss CJane and The Chief!
What’s weird about this pic is that I almost don’t want to post it for fear it makes me look like a CJane blog stalker. So I guess I need to preface the pic with the proof that we’re ACTUAL friends, pre-fame (she hates when I say that because she doesn’t really feel like she is and I really shouldn’t have to feel like I have to prove myself). “Happy favorite birthday, my sweet.” Keep The Chief away from me next time because I seriously don’t think I can resist taking a juicy bite out of that lil’ fella. MmMmMm!

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My Kids – September 2008

by Lucky Red Hen on February 26, 2009

My kids bring me much joy.

They bring me much sorrow, stress, anxiety, impatience and pain in my backside too.

But these pictures remind me of the sweethearts they can be (posing for mom on a regular basis is a lot for kids who’d rather be playing video games or jumping around on the playground).

I had my buddies lenses (thanks, Ryan!) to see which one I want to add to my wish list (which is the Canon 50mm f1.2, in case you’ve got $400 over a grand burning a hole in your pocket – I’ll love you forever… promise).

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WPPI 09 – Las Vegas, baby!

by Lucky Red Hen on February 20, 2009

I’m back from Vegas but my body is behaving like it hasn’t left.
Five days of late nights (interpreted as early mornings, like 4am early mornings), walking miles and miles and miles… to and from the conference center, the drinking water drought (I’m deathly afraid of the disease-ridden water fountains, the bottled water started at $3 and waitresses and bartenders looked at me like I was a cyclopse when I asked for a water), cigarette-saturated breathing air (cough cough hack choke) and trying to dance like I was still 25 :p
Last year‘s smoke inhalation didn’t seem as bad as this time. And I didn’t get over to my favorite restaurant, Mon Amie Gabi, like I wanted to (it’s a taxi ride from our hotel). I didn’t do any shooting this year either, even though I brought my pro camera. And I certainly didn’t arrive in Vegas the way I did last time either (too cold and far)! But I did see some of my friends this time that I did last time :)
With all that misery, I can’t wait to go back to be inspired, learn-ed (gotta say it like you see it… learn Ed), networked (I love knowing other great photographers from around the world) and reconnected with friends (and meeting new one’s)! Fingers crossed for next year (when it’s NOT on Valentine’s Day weekend… geez!)
Laurel McConnell & DJ Karl:
They’re from Seattle. Laurel kept me plugged
in to the goings-on (and we kept each other
from falling asleep during presentation). And
Karl, what can I say about Karl… he’s infectuous
with his friendly smile and happiness :)

Alison Bates (Nate’s girlfriend – wink):
She and I met at the Jose Villa Mexico ’07 Workshop
and I love her (mostly because she’s Nate’s girlfriend, haha)
Brian Adams; photographer, gentleman
& Edit Team guru (I think that’s his title)
whom I met at my first WPPI trip
(thankfully, because I could dance and not
worry about him expecting more – wink)

Mark Edgington (OSP West in San Louis Obispo ’07) had
me laughing whenever we were in the same room (even
from ACROSS the room) or sitting at the restaurant making
fun of Trevor and his hand gestures (oh, I cried it was so funny).
This pic was taken our last day right before he took off :(

Brian Greenberg of Richard Photo Lab
Look at him pull off that hat with his blue eyes!
I kept calling him “Richard” in Mexico, where we met,
only because it irritated him so much. But, luckily, he
has forgiven me enough to invite me to his swanky party
that had great people and yummy food… thanks, Brian!

My BUDDY’S, Colin Michael (BFAM) and Aimee Cooper
at the cool Peppermill Lounge OFF the strip (like FAR off).

Hey, look! It’s Colin again! My brotha from anotha motha (BFAM)!

This is David Burke (with an E) and my maiden name is
withOUT an E (Burk). Congrat’s on the upcoming baby E :)

Dennis Orchard, amazing photographer and print judge
from England. He’s given me valuable print advice.
I haven’t entered a print competition yet, but might someday.

Ed & Monica Pingol family ;) They were always smiling :D

The hunks who make up Edit Team. Troy Battle on the left
(he’s my kindred spirit – laughed ALL the time), Darren Green
& Brian Adams (again, lucky me). Thanks, guys, for the prize
I won (free editing)! Now I can start shooting again ;)

My neighbors (they’re in Redmond, I’m in Woodinville),
Gerald and Airika Pope at the Trade Show right before I
dragged them over to an impressive album company,, who has waterproof (hello Seattle)
albums that are sturdy, don’t warp and 3-day turn around!

My friend, Jason Groupp, from NY (could you tell?),
who humors me to no end. He had me going in 2007
at OSP West with a joke about a bus stop. HILARIOUS!

My southern sister, Jeanann Wilkinson, who I met in Mexico
and had lively discussion about one of the 3 taboo’s (religion).
Wish we could’ve hung out more this year :( Next time ;)

Oh, my, gosh! I can’t say enough about this tiny thing. It’s
Jillian Kay of the famous “Dear Silly Lady” fame ;) She may
be small, but she sure does pack a punch! Sure love ya, JK!
Oh, and LOVED your story about the candy necklace :D
Birthday boy, Joel Serrato, at the Venetian restaurant,
Canaletto, for the Richard Photo Lab party.
He makes me laugh with his pursed lips ;)

The godfather of shooting outside the box, John Michael Cooper
of AltF fame. We met awkwardly a couple years ago at OSPW 1.
I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug (he’s not used
to that), and he looked at me like I was crazy. But I’ve
grown on him over the years and he was all ready
this time to accept my neglect to respect his
personal space! Yay, John :D

Here’s another Jon. Jonathan Canlas of Film is Not Dead.
He likes to eat faces. I guess mine is yummy.

Mmm. This is my beautiful friend, Jose Villa.
That’s really all I can say without tearing up over this fella.
DJ Karl Berger, from Seattle. We were all sweaty from
dancing at the Gobee Bag party at the Luxor.

The ever lovely Lacie Hansen who works with Jose Villa.
She shoots, she models, she assists, she rocks ;D
Me with Laurel McConnell. She makes me laugh and
I like being around her. Look at how CUTE she is!
Linda Chaja (chai-ya) and I at the Venetian.
She’s smiling because she likes being near me ;)
Oh geez, this should be at the top (one of the first pics
taken), but it’s tricky to do without losing all my stuff!
Me with Mark Edgington at a restaurant at 330am.
I’m surprised my eyes don’t look worse after laughing
so hard we cried at Trevor Meeks and his hand gestures!

I met Tara Marie at Robin’s mini-session pool side (We Doodle Do
Album Design). She’s sweet and from TEXAS (I heart TX)!
Me and Simone Germaine Sutton on our last day
LOOKING like it’s our last day LOL! Exhausted!
Awe, this is THE sweetest guy at WPPI (no offense to the
other guys, but he’s really so gentle). His landscape images
are unbelievable (really, it’s like I don’t believe they’re real)
and he also has a royalty-free music site that’s great for
websites, slideshows and background music in your studio!
It’s Shawn Reeder and I’m glad I know him :)
Oh. My. Goodness. This is the ever popular (and shrunken
head miniature girl) Roxanne Benton of Pixel 2 Canvas!
We finally got to smooch all over each other after years of
chatting online (sounds creepy, but it isn’t). Their canvas’
ROCK and their DUCKS rock just as much (but not more).
Oh, Roxie, I miss you already (and smooch yo man from me)!
Me with Riley Kimball (A+R Photography in Arizona).
You may remember him from when I went to OSPW 1.
He was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see him!

Troy Battle (also from Edit Team)… we kept each other laughing!
We know each other from OSP (online photography forum),
so it was fun meeting in person, finally. See ya next time!

Trevor Meeks, of Meeks Digital, who I also know from the
photography forum and OSPW 1. He’s a good sport to put
up with my joking. Great hand gestures, Meeks! :p

Oh my Tomas Flint from Rochacha, NY! I LOVED running into
him in the halls of the MGM Grand (you’re the BEST, Tom).
He won’t read what’s on his belt buckle ;)

OSP peeps: Ed & Monica Pingol, Tim Co., Katie Pangburn
and yours truly at the WPPI 09 Trade Show floor!

Me with the Halberg’s, Tim and Cheryl in the
longest hallway known to man (or woman).

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4th of July… in November?

by Lucky Red Hen on November 3, 2008

What the freakfreak? I assembled a 4th of July blog post of our FABULOUS time at our friend’s place on Lake Sammamish (yay that we live here again because I look forward to it every summer), but somehow it didn’t get published (I don’t think). So here’s some Independence Day goodness just in time for tomorrow’s voting.

These neighbors volunteered to monitor the perimeter
and keep others a specific distance from the fireworks barge.

The view of the party from the barge.
Piper fishing (plastic fish).
You can see how close the barge was from the dock.
Check out that view… isn’t it saaweeet?!
Piper chillin’ in the tethered inflatable island.
Brett and Will… aren’t they festive in their red?
Jake and baby Roxie (red, white & blue).
The cousins minus Owen (they arrived later) and Roxie.
Um, Jack, that’s for baby’s ;)
I ADORE this picture – that’s my boy!!!
Boat going out with 99.8% of people I’m related to.
Ben and Piper are waving at you
(lotta waving on the blog lately).
Hey, Bob. I kept telling him he’s a hunk
(…kinda Clint Eastwoodesque).
That dark blob between the docks?
It’s a GIANT BEAVER that comes around
about dinner time to chew on trees
(particularly the expensive & newly planted ones).
“Heeeeeyyyyyy, I’m Brett!”
Jason getting bombarded by the pipsqueaks (Will, Alice & Piper).
This guy was channeling Mexico weather.
What a pretty lady.
Meet Bob, our host extraordinaire!
This guy reminded me of Dane Sanders.
Cute couple (she’s got fantastic eyelashes).
Ahh, backlit by delicious golden sunshine.
Something was reeeeeally loud for Alice.
Jake’s 1/2 deaf so he didn’t notice at all.
Suns going down, fireworks are a comin’.
My guy with the weird shadow hair :)
Britanny teaches you that hydrating is important
as well as sexy and hip!
The Host’s brother, Tedd, with his ammo
(we geeked out on gear talk).
Other boats starting to gather ’round for the show!
Brett helping Alice, Will and Owen with sparklers.
Bridgette and Owen.

PSA: Figure out where you’re voting tomorrow and give yourself plenty of time to wait in line!

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