What My Husband Loves About Me

by Lucky Red Hen on October 2, 2011

20111002-132126.jpgI’m a lucky girl (hence my nickname). My hubby sent this to me this week, out of the blue.

A sunlit smile that brilliantly shines
A corrector of grammar in others people’s lines
A magnet that attracts wherever she may go
A tiny tattoo on the top of her toe

Isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind
Sometimes likes to watch “trashy” TV to unwind
Always seems to have photos to edit
If there is a “life of the party”, she should get credit

A motorcycle rider that loves the open road
A listener who can help bare a friend’s load
A girl who knows her way around computer tech
And really wants a covered roof on her deck

At college, was a champion billiard player
Sometimes likes to hang out at home in her underwear
Great writer who gets all her thoughts straight
But Billy Idol is someone she absolutely hates

A driver who keeps right except to pass
A friend who never makes anyone feel last
A decorator of a beautiful home
Who hates blow up mattresses and instead prefers foam

A photographer with work that could hang in a museum
A compliment every time people see ’em
A quilt that wraps a friend like a hug
Listens and dances to beats like a thug

Seeing a Twilight movie with girlfriends is always a blast
Lives by the motto, “don’t look back” and dwell on the past
On the CB, her handle was “Sweet Lady”
Loves the one on Friends where Rachel has a baby

A lover of pets and wishes she had birds
Is married to a husband that is kind of a nerd
When there is news, she loves to be the first to know
Sometimes enjoys going to her husband’s music show

Goes out of her way to get a REAL huckleberry shake
Always has a gift for someone else that she wants to make
A beautiful woman with features so striking
People are amazed when they hear she is into motor biking

An avid Twitter and Facebook fan
Instead of a woman friend, prefers a man
Loves to go to Carrabbas on dates
But untrustworthy friends is something she hates

A self deprecating cook who makes a wonderful salad
Her husband sometimes writes her a song ballad
An intuition of great power
Living life to the fullest every hour

39 for the rest of her life
Determination and strength in the face of strife
A daughter of God who is loved very much
A husband whose heart jumps at her soft touch

Surrounded by friends who consider her their best
A thankful heart that always feels blessed
A natural talent for whatever the task
Dedication for a friend to do anything they ask

A courageous mom who cares very much
A greater hugger who loves to touch
Digs cuddling on the couch with loved ones
Measures the importance of friendships in tons

A devoted wife of many years
A tender heart that sometimes brings tears
All these things and so many more
Make up this amazing girl that I completely adore


Ann October 3, 2011 at 1:50 am

A poem like this with so many loved things about you –I’d say you have a treasure of a husband right there. -Ann

Lucky October 3, 2011 at 2:04 am

I know, right? And that he recognizes some of the things that are quirky as endearing. THAT is sweet :) HE is sweet :)

Ann October 3, 2011 at 2:06 am

Amen. I love to be loved like that. You are a lucky woman. ;)

SouthernMan October 5, 2011 at 1:52 am

Ahh, I’m glad you have him. You deserve something good in your life. Glad he appreciates you. Keep him.

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