photos of a wedding

Elayna just wanted 5 pictures taken before her wedding reception (they were married the day before, out of town): them with Tim’s family, her & Tim, them with her sister’s family, her with her sister and her hair. I took a few more than that and here they are. I loved the orange (the color of my Harley – woot!) and Gerbera daisies.

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We Doodle Do Saves My Hide: Album Designer

by Lucky Red Hen on November 28, 2008

Remember Esther & Paul?

Well, their wedding album is not only finished and delivered but also featured on DoodleDo’s album design site! I have been dealing with a sickly computer and unable to design the album myself, so I turned to Robin and Bruce of WeDoodleDo to save my hide (THANKS Bruce & Robin!).

Take a look at their entire album HERE.

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Esther and Paul

by Lucky Red Hen on July 12, 2008

I’m working on Esther and Paul’s album and thought you’d want to see pics ;) Thanks to my buddy, Ryan Flynn, for second shooting with me (the last two pics are his)!

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Kristy and Phil Wedding Images

by Lucky Red Hen on January 14, 2008

Kristy and Phil finally got hitched! They’ve been together for a few years and are high school sweethearts :o) Their family has always been so kind to me, so it was an honor to be there for this sweet and photogenic couple! Congrats guys!

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Kate & Matt Wedding in Arizona

by Lucky Red Hen on March 11, 2007

When I was in Arizona I had the pleasure of 3rd shooting Kate & Matt’s wedding with Studio Aimee in Scottsdale. These 2 are SO in love and absolutely sweet on each other. Everyone in the wedding party was exceptionally nice which made it a breeze for taking pictures. Thanks, Aimee, for letting me tag along. This is what I saw…

Jockey’s & horses were playing polo throughout the ceremony.
Reminding me a little of James Dean, I couldn’t help but take this one.Kate’s about to walk down the aisle. A close friend singing a Tracy Chapman song; it was beautiful.
Kate’s mom and grandmother wore this veil at their weddings.

As soon as I pressed the shutter button I knew this would be my favorite.
Kate and her mom.
I was in charge of the groomsmen…
Ben, he caught the garter & is engaged to a bridesmaid.
Josh, the best man
Patrick, he was my helper to gather the fellas.
What helpful groomsmen.

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Lucy and Andrew Wed, 2nd set of pictures

by Lucky Red Hen on November 13, 2006

More of my favorites from Lucy & Andrew’s wedding.
The clever Jolly Porter & lovely Oh, Judy!.
Mr. 100% of the votes in front of all his grandkidlets.
Miss Thang on a temple bench.
The groom, aka Rick, grinning ear-to-ear.
Mr. Stuff cooperating for the camera.
This was outside the reception; I did NOT digitally enhance the picture at all.
The heart shaped reflection, flare, just showed up when I took the picture.
I, personally, HEART CJane’s singing performances.
The infamous Chup & darling wife.
How great does NieNie look? Pretty great!
NieNie likes this picture (it’s her hubby).

“The” cake (a cupcake tower).
Detail of previously mentioned cupcakes.
The bride wasn’t interested in getting a picture in front
of this “urn” but I liked it through the window.
Cutsy patutsy with her red shoes on a red door.
The infamous Chupacabra.
Spectacular bouquet, like no other I’ve seen.
Such a cute bride!
Love the fall colors with cute couples ;o)
Who doesn’t love a red door?
Bride giving her groom a look o’ love.

May I mention that this is a record for me to be able to post so many pictures in one sitting. I’ve switched over to the new Blogger Beta and it’s working wonders! Yay – thanks Blogger because I was getting a bit perterbed.

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Lucy and Andrew Wed

by Lucky Red Hen on November 9, 2006

Dangit Blogger. I actually posted double the pictures than I normally can but then the system got stuck and I couldn’t post anymore than these. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow or post then add to it. Dangit, because there are SO MANY great pictures from this wedding of 2 adorable people!

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