Icarus, The Staves Cover

by Lucky Red Hen on July 30, 2013

The little brunette in this music video made me a godmother. Well, her mother made her little baby my goddaughter. Although I don’t get to fly around waving a wand making magic, I do get to watch this beauty grow as a sweet, funny, smart, charitable, and forgiving person.

Wouldn’t it be the bees knees to be a fairy godmother? I would make all water fountains fitted to offer fresh lemonade (along with water because it is life’s juice) and make cell phones inoperable to all drivers while they are in motion. Although, how are you supposed to use a map to know where you’re going if you’re not supposed to use your handheld device? I like to look at the map even though my GPS app is voice activated with directions. I’m a visual learner.

Back to the video. Hope you enjoy listening to these gifted musicians…

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