Drea's Going to Mexico!

by Lucky Red Hen on December 23, 2009

As you can tell (by the title of this post), Drea is going to be in Mexico for the holidays (she left 15 minutes ago, wah!) In hopes of safe travels for her and her family, I dedicate today’s post to her FIRST date dance that happened a couple weeks ago. (Psst… I miss you already! Thanks for my Christmas clock.)

Sometimes I get a wild hair and take on projects I don’t even know how to do. Case in point: I told her I would make a fascinator (fancy hair clip with feathers) to match her dress and since I was doing that I should go ahead and whip up some matching earrings and necklace. I’m crazy, I know, but I think they turned out pretty fantastic :D

Warning: These images were taken with a lame point-n-shoot that I don’t really like using. Carry on.

Here’s the “fascinator” hair clip…
The earrings and necklace…
Her cute smile and the necklace up close (and blurry)…
Her friend, and date, Reid…
Reid cooking the meat for spaghetti sauce…
Aren’t these brown eyes TO DIE FOR?!?
Drea with our friend, Bella, and Glen like a monkey on her back
Glen (my partner in crime, and by crime I mean board/table games like Wackee 6)
with his date, Dom(inique), and their perfectly hued outfits!

Drea, hurry back!

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