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Wedding Show Geeks

by Lucky Red Hen on January 7, 2008

Lori, my Mexico roommate and friend, and I attended the Seattle Wedding Show on Saturday. We got there at starting time trying to beat the rush but with 9,000 people expected, we weren’t the only ones thinking that.

Unfortunately, attending a wedding show with a gal friend and no make-up or wedding ring (long story about losing mine, that’s why I wasn’t wearing it) instantly tags me as lebonese. I say ME because vendors would hand HER their information and ignore me, like I was the dude being dragged along with promises of ‘I’ll make it up to you if you come to this with me.’ She claims it’s because she had ‘the official bridal show bag’ (I was too impatient to wait in line). I know better because this isn’t the FIRST time it’s happened to me. I don’t mind, mind you (get it, mind twice in a row and it makes sense), I just wanted the free stuff LOL. Apparently there were about 400 vendors altogether, with only 30 or so photographers, and we had a BALL checking them all out.

My absolute favorite of all was the dishes rental girl, Sheena, at Totally Tabletops. The booth was uber simple and super tiny (smallest available) but the few dishes she had displayed reminded me of dinners at Christine’s and I totally LOVELOVELOVE that look. They were funky, fresh and vintage all rolled up. The BEST part about her dishes rental? Can you GUESS? You can bring them back DIIIRRRRRTY! Now THAT’S a winner in my book (after last nights birthday dishes and tonight’s emergency-the-5-person-family-had-their-power-go-out-plus-us dishes, that’s 9 if you’re counting).

Speaking of dishes… how about food to put ON the dishes? Herban Feast is DEFINITELY the place to go for gorgeous, delicious, local and all-natural yumminess. Their display was divine and the chef/owner top-knotch, friendly, sweet and professional. Recently, they’ve purchased a historical SODO giant open loft with exposed beams warehouse for hosting up to 300 guests (EXACTLY what I’d love to live in)! They sampled their dilectable Sweet Potato & Dungeness Crab Cake and almost had to call security to make me leave. Not really, but my taste buds are calling them out as I type! Look at these babies…

The gal at Volterra Restaurant convinced me to come try their Tuscan cuisine (they also have event space for 12-85 guests). Initially the draw to her booth was that the name is a well-known city in my favorite book series, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. She says she’s never heard of it; what the…? I say we get some fans together and try channeling Edward and Jacob over a plate of pasta!

Brown’s Catering had the coolest looking chef with his talltalltall chef hat hoovering over the crowd. He was cheerful and poised. Their niche’ is that prices are all-inclusive (no extra or hidden charges from start to finish; chef, servers, tables, linens, dishes, utensils and clean-up)!

Lori was all over the cake samples (I DID taste one from Mike’s Amazing Cakes… yes, it WAS amazing and definitely worth clicking on… do it, I’ll wait).

(Seriously, I hope you checked out his cakes.)

Creme de la Creme had a booth PLUS had miniature cakes on display at a few wedding consultant booths. They were about 4″ high and were delicately decorated, mimicking a full-size wedding cake. Their cakes were exquisitely beautiful and looked worth the money people pay for wedding cakes these days. My mom made ours… five tiers of cheesecake… m-m-m. Their website is pretty ghetto and doesn’t show their awesomeness. Wish we were allowed to take pics at the show… grr.

Morfey’s Cake Shoppe had me at their name (Morfey, hahaha, cute) but their pictures displayed and in the brochures don’t do them justice. Sure, they’re not Mike’s Amazing Cakes or Creme de la Creme, but I’d put these guys in my top three as a mom-and-pop shop (although I don’t think they’re mom and pop, I’m just saying that’s the feel I get from their friendly, down home booth).

There was a gal there who makes ceramic cake trays and stands to match your wedding cake, but the closer I looked there was glaze dripping from some spots and some cracking (which can be seen in her pictures online)… wish that wasn’t the case because the colors and design were really adorable. Maybe posting this will give someone the idea to perfect it because that was an excellent idea for a niche product. Imagine being able to use your cake stand from your wedding throughout your marriage!

Paper Products:
There were really pretty invitation designers… Sparkll was my favorite one-of-a-kind designer, even though the spelling of it drove me nuts right off the bat, and letterpress folk like the friendly and beautifully designed Ephemera Press (y’all know how I feel about gettin‘ me some Letterpressyumm).

However, Brown Sugar Studios was my favorite letterpress vendor at the show that indulged me by listening to my breakfast story (oatmeal with some BROWN SUGAR and a little bit o’ cream).

Oh, Tomato-Tomato (tow-may-toe… tow-mah-toe) had cute little magnet handouts that said “I love my in-laws.” That was funny and eye-catching.

Wedding Coordinators:
I really liked Stacy at SK Wedding and Event Design (esp. since the initials remind me of my friend, Tiffany), but Lush Parties & Events had a pretty impressive booth with real grass sod and a place to put up my feet! Jesse and Travis at TrUe Colors Events were absolutely darling too (but should reprint their handout with better resolution on the pictures).

Newest idea:
The newest idea was a vintage umbrella rental gal… Bella Umbrella. She had the most BEAUTIFUL umbrellas we’ve ever seen, was super-duper nice, prices are pretty fair and got more interest than she expected the whole two days in the first two hours!

Parking was atrocious (3hrs = $11) and entry was $16/person ($2 discount coupon at the vendors before the show), but I suppose I’m not supposed to complain because that’s what you get livin’ in the big Metro Natural ci-tay (pshyeah, that’s our slogan).

Lori was also all over the proper pronunciation of classic business names that, apparently, we’ve all been saying incorrectly… like Ivars. Go ahead and say it, or think it in your head. You said eye-vars, didn’t you? No lying, that’s bad and you’ll get lashes. It’s actually ee-vars, as in the Norwegian way. She’s quite learned, ain’t she? That’s why I keep her around (she makes me look good). She finally dragged me into the Photo Booth for some lebanese looking pics… ain’t no shame in it… Hey, you can ALMOST see how cool my new teeth look!

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Seattle Had Snow

by Lucky Red Hen on December 9, 2007

Operative word: had.

When it snows in the Seattle area, it doesn’t stick around for long. By the time I got my camera out and took a picture of the kids snowman, he looked like this…
Poor thing fell over and melted away before our very eyes in the pouring rain. Can you see the tiny bit of head left and the orange spot laying next to it. That’s the nose; a carrot (which a wild bunny probably ended up eating). Those two twigs flayling around (imagine it) were once arms. All the dirt and pine needles are another sign that it’s Seattle. All snowballs contain a pine needle or two.

This is probably why 1/2 our Christmas lights aren’t working. But I’m no electrician.

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See What I Found at the Grocery Store

by Lucky Red Hen on October 5, 2007

This lone pear was sitting
amongst the red pears
all by its lonesome.
I’ll save you…
come home with me.
I will not eat you,
you look too cool to eat.
Everybody that’s seen it
thought it was fake.
Would YOU eat it?

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Hey Daisy!!!

by Lucky Red Hen on July 6, 2007

Daisy… look over here.

Now smile, Daisy.

Daisy… smile BIGGER!

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Blind Date on the 4th of July

by Lucky Red Hen on July 6, 2007

I set her up with…
him on the 4th of July as a blind date.
I think they look pleased with my selection.
He was subjected to all her extended family at a BBQ (and survived) then they went to the Stadium of Fire in Provo for Brooks & Dunn and fireworks.

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It's OFFICIALLY summer!

by Lucky Red Hen on June 29, 2007

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Black & White Party December 2006

by Lucky Red Hen on April 17, 2007

Well THESE are a long time coming LOL! My Lisa (in comments she’s “Your Lisa”) and her friends threw a Black & White party late December. This was about the time I started contemplating switching from my Nikon to Canon for low-light stuff which delayed me in processing the images because I really wanted my new Canon 5D to take them LOL. So, here are a few; the rest can be seen on my website in CLIENT PROOFING by using the password “blackandwhite”. Although, they’re bad files because I sized them wrong and have to redo them but you’ll have to be patient because I have other editing to do. heehee

Q: Would YOU like hire a professional photographer to document YOUR party? If not, why (is it because you don’t want incriminating proof of your actions teehee)?

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Geo's Birthday Wish Come True

by Lucky Red Hen on April 16, 2007

I consider myself to be thoughtful in my gift giving.

If I cannot come up with a gift that is a) needed, b) desired or c) thoughtful beyond measure then I will give nothing at all. My thoughts are there, and it IS the thought that counts, right? However, nothing material will come from me unless I find it to be perfect (ask igottab. about her mousse).

I’ve been known to find the perfect gift for someone and hold onto it until there’s a reason to give. However, it’s really hard for me to have something to give and not give it right away or spoil the surprise and tell the recipient what it is.

Wanna walk with me in my mind and figure out WHY I am so particular about this? Come, walk and I’ll explain.

(we’re walking, we’re walking, we’re walking…)

If we are to be friends, or you’re a stranger that wants to give me a gift (which I’m FINE with, really), then the following is VERY IMPORTANT for you to understand.

I do NOT like receiving a gift that isn’t a) needed, b) desired or c) thoughtful beyond measure… but most of all (here’s the clincher) I really don’t like getting something unless it’s EXACTLY what I’ve asked for.

GASP – shock – RUDE! I know.

Yes, I said (typed) it for all to see. I know I’m supposed to be grateful for whatever I am given, but isn’t it easier to be grateful when it’s EXACTLY what I want?

Here’s the thing though… you won’t be penalized for NOT giving me a gift. Your presence is present enough. Really. If it bothers you that you can’t GIVE me anything, then you could DO something for me instead: weed my flower beds, shovel the snow from my walks, take me to lunch (you don’t even have to buy mine), write me a love note (doesn’t need to be romantic to be a love note, silly), send me a text message, plan a get together or come visit (the kids can play downstairs). I don’t need stuff that I don’t need… know what I mean?

When Geo posted her birthday wish list I figured it’s about time I do something thoughtful & keep myself from becoming too self-absorbed (especially in the gift receiving department). She asked for 4×6 pictures of her friends for a “Who loves ya, baby?” album. I take pictures so this request is right up my alley!

I emailed a handful of our bloggy friends with the invitation to come over for a quick mug shot and this is what we got…

Here’s Melody’s Garden


I gotta b

Formerly Phread

The Lo Down




Nitz Would

Yours truly…

The last four were from other shoots… the first of the last 4 is CJane’s 30th birthday portrait (which reminds me I need to post her cute shoot – I’ll do that this week), the 2nd is Azucar at her baby shower, the 3rd is also from the shower and the last is yours truly using the timer on my point-n-shoot when I was still stuck in Vegas.

Q: What are your thoughts about gift giving/receiving?

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