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Nautilus Cottage, Rm 4, in South Africa

Desi (Ricky, really) & Lucy had the right idea… separate beds.

But did you know they didn’t ALWAYS have separate beds? A little trivia for you from

Although they slept in twin beds throughout the entire run of the series, during the first two seasons of the show, 1951-1953, Ricky and Lucy slept in twin beds that were pushed together in the same box spring. Once little Ricky was born CBS suggested that the beds be pushed apart to diminish the impact of the suggested sexual history of Lucy and Ricky. The only time we see the Ricardo’s in two bed pushed together again is when they first move to the bigger apartment in the Mertz building, however, subsequently after that the beds are pushed apart again.

I’ve been saying it for years now, but my husband won’t agree to it. Last night (and the night before, and a few nights before that when I was sick, and… you get the idea) I shuffled myself down the narrow, dimly lit hall, passing the miniature lazy guarddog in the front room, through our pretty, glass paned, French doors, to the TV room sectional couch for some ZZZ’s. (Woah, that’s a lot of comma’s and I don’t know if I used them right. Sorry.)

But by then, I was awake enough that it’d take me another hour or more to fall asleep. And I hadn’t been to sleep yet (even though I crawled into bed at 10pm). It was 2am ish (Yes, I use “ish” as it’s own word. On my blog, you will find several made-up words; 1) as an unpredictable connector, and 2) because I talk like that in real life.) and I felt just as tired as I did at 10pm.

You know how much stuff a person could get done in four-plus hours of solitary awakeness?!? No kids, no husband, no noises in the neighborhood. But when you’re lying there assuming you’ll be falling asleep in the next few minutes, you don’t realize you could just get your back end up out of bed and accomplish something other than conquering another Angry Birds level (pesky helmeted pigs).

Instead, I Tweeted my dilemma:

  • Who’s idea was it that married people had to sleep in the same bed? I want to punch that guy in the neck. #desiandlucybeds
  • Why does the snoring spouse get to stay in bed while the awoken spouse shuffles to the couch? #im2nice
  • King size blankets are never wide enough for adequate cocoon-style coverage. #breezy
  • Good thing about sleeping on my couch: raindrops on the skylights. #natureslullaby
  • Men: how do you keep your underarm hair from being tugged when you move your arm forward and back?

Alright, so the last Tweet had nothing to do with sleeping arrangements. But it’s a perfect example of how my brain works when it’d rather be sleeping. Argh. And I have been doing much better about not waking in the night to potty, so I’ve actually been sleeping through the night and avoiding insomniac episodes (My tip: I get all my fluid intake in before 5pm and try not to drink at all/much later).

After all that complaining, at least my family let me keep sleeping. The kids whispered (they must have, I didn’t wake up) and tiptoed getting ready (the italics make those words quiet, huh?) Daddy, the wiggly blanket hog snorer, got the kids off to school (“Thanks, Daddy!”) And the dog snuck up on the couch with me where she would be content to rest until I woke and NOT bark at the noises and people outside.

We have a semi-public walking/horse-riding trail directly behind our backyard. It’s awesome annoying when people literally high up on their horses don’t look away when we make eye contact.

I won’t tell you why they should watch where they’re going instead of peer into our house. (But if you know me at all, you know why.)

P.S. Don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway!

P.S.S. My Green Smoothie this morning almost made me gag. THAT’S NOT USUAL and I’ll tell you why. I should have added frozen blueberries (I have them, just forgot to pull them out of the freezer) or at least some crushed ice. It was too room temperature and frothy. See, that goes to show you that you shouldn’t give up on GS’s because of one bad batch. ALL my others since the beginning (there were a couple that were so-so) have been refreshing and delicious. I promise ;)

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Lucy & Rick Engagements

by Lucky Red Hen on September 30, 2006

Met with an upcoming bride & groom at CJane’s pad (which is WAY cool, if you were wondering; and now that I know where she lives I will be there EVERYDAY – okay, maybe not EVERY day, but I WANT to be there everyday). Since I was asked to take pictures on their wedding day (no engagements or bridals), I pulled out my camera and snapped a few shots to get a feel for how they photograph. Darned cute, I’d say!

The last picture is of CJane HAND BAKING delicious, and beautifully designed, tarts (that might not have been their technical name). What an honor I had to partake of such lovelyness. AND… I’m looking forward to photographing the wedding! Oh, and the Yakisoba noodles were delish.

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I Don’t Like Sleeping With Anyone

by Lucky Red Hen on August 20, 2013

I don't like sleeping with anyone

Whose idea was it to sleep in the same bed as someone else because I’d like to smack that numbskull.

My body runs hotter than my husband’s, his inherited lack of body fat means he’s usually chilly. The blanket moves and I stir a little. My guy rarely snores loudly. It’s not bad if I’m deeply sleeping, when I’m not it wakes me easily. The creepy novel he’s writing seeps into his dreams causing nightmares that erupt in high-pitched shrieks that freak me awake. Once I wake in the dark of the night like that, drowsing off again is rough.

Desi and Lucy had it right with separate beds (as I explained in this previous post), but I bet these days people would question your relationship (none of their business) if they found out you don’t sleep together. Or, goodness, that you have separate bedrooms! (My eyes went real big typing that last word, with my eyebrows as tall as they’d go. Now you do it. You know what I mean now, huh?)

Having felt this way for years, I came up with a disguise for sleeping separate and finally convinced my husband I’d sleep better, which would make me happier and thus him happier. (I think he agreed just to get me to shut up.) If we had two extra-long twin or double beds, then we could push them together when we knew someone would see our room and throw a king-sized blanket over the top to hide the middle crack. Ta-da!

HOWEVER, I’ve been trying something different and easier the last couple months that works! This solution might change marriages as we know them.

Same bed, separate sheets and blankets!

That’s IT and it works like a charm! I have my own, little eco-system that stays put where I want it as he turns in his own without causing a breeze to stir me awake (you know when the blanket is tucked under you snuggly then gets pulled away and up letting a swift bunch of cold air take it’s place). I sleep sounder, that makes me happier, and the whole family benefits.

Can Separate Beds Be the Key to a Happy Relationship?
article on

Go ahead and try it if you’ve been having trouble sleeping with someone and you’re welcome.

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