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Robert Hall Winery eSession

by Lucky Red Hen on February 21, 2007

Here’s my first post from the California trip involving the couples who volunteered to have 80+ photographers in their face. It was sure tricky trying to get the right angle without stepping on someone else trying to get THEIR angle, but I think these turned out pretty good considering. This couple is HAUTE and KNEW how to work the camera – they were super sweet and followed direction like pro’s. This couple’s eSession was my favorite of the trip (there are 2 more couples to blog about and I’m giving you my favorite first – only the best for my readers)!

1 and one of my fav’s
3 love this moment
4 so glad I caught the giggle
5 they look SO good together
10 reminds me of Pride & Prejudice

13 they could be soap opera actors
15 pretty girl at a pretty vineyard

16 one of my other fav’s – I like the sneaky sneaky and that I got the ring in the shot
17 you might not be able to see but she had his lip in her mouth… rowwrrr
18 another of my fav’s – that tree is incredible

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Red vs. Blue Engagement

by Lucky Red Hen on November 30, 2006

These were taken Saturday… the big Red vs. Blue day (Utah State vs. BYU, I think that’s right). This couple did NOT plan what they would wear for their engagement photo shoot and showed up ready for a Coke vs. Pepsi fight LOL. I should’ve worn orange for Sunkist. I might’ve been Sprite that day. Can’t remember because I was too busy thinking about drinks.

They only have 2 pictures of them together; one from Halloween a year ago and another at a football game a year and a half ago! Anyway… this gal runs Precious Pet Paradise grooming salon in American Fork (where we take Posie regularly). If you have a pet that needs beauty services I highly recommend this place – they’re so sweet to the animals. Posie loves to go… runs right in to them!

I had fun with these two. They’ll legally wed before the end of the year for tax purposes then have a party the beginning of 2007 :o) They weren’t sure about posing and being photogenic but I absolutely LOVE how these turned out! Here’s a sampling of a few…

Q: If you and your significant other were going to represent your favorite beverages… what colors would you wear?

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Sunset Engagement Photos

by Lucky Red Hen on July 17, 2006

Yay! Today we got sod – but apparently we have to stay off of it for 10-14 days. Yeah, right. We’ll see how long THAT lasts.

Tonight I went with Holly to take a few engagement pics on the roof of the SLC library during sunset. I hadn’t been there yet (WAY cool inside).

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