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I Don’t Like Sleeping With Anyone

by Lucky Red Hen on August 20, 2013

I don't like sleeping with anyone

Whose idea was it to sleep in the same bed as someone else because I’d like to smack that numbskull.

My body runs hotter than my husband’s, his inherited lack of body fat means he’s usually chilly. The blanket moves and I stir a little. My guy rarely snores loudly. It’s not bad if I’m deeply sleeping, when I’m not it wakes me easily. The creepy novel he’s writing seeps into his dreams causing nightmares that erupt in high-pitched shrieks that freak me awake. Once I wake in the dark of the night like that, drowsing off again is rough.

Desi and Lucy had it right with separate beds (as I explained in this previous post), but I bet these days people would question your relationship (none of their business) if they found out you don’t sleep together. Or, goodness, that you have separate bedrooms! (My eyes went real big typing that last word, with my eyebrows as tall as they’d go. Now you do it. You know what I mean now, huh?)

Having felt this way for years, I came up with a disguise for sleeping separate and finally convinced my husband I’d sleep better, which would make me happier and thus him happier. (I think he agreed just to get me to shut up.) If we had two extra-long twin or double beds, then we could push them together when we knew someone would see our room and throw a king-sized blanket over the top to hide the middle crack. Ta-da!

HOWEVER, I’ve been trying something different and easier the last couple months that¬†works! This solution might change marriages as we know them.

Same bed, separate sheets and blankets!

That’s IT and it works like a charm! I have my own, little eco-system that stays put where I want it as he turns in his own without causing a breeze to stir me awake (you know when the blanket is tucked under you snuggly then gets pulled away and up letting a swift bunch of cold air take it’s place). I sleep sounder, that makes me happier, and the whole family benefits.

Can Separate Beds Be the Key to a Happy Relationship?
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Go ahead and try it if you’ve been having trouble sleeping with someone and you’re welcome.

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