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by Lucky Red Hen on June 11, 2013

movies filmed in Utah

Do you love learning back stories about movies like I do? Click here to read all about the Top 10 Movies Filmed in Utah and some fun facts! It forgot to mention one of my favorite motorcycle movies The World’s Fastest Indian.

Have you seen Anthony Hopkins (he was SO good) in the recent film Hitchcock? The behind-the-scenes story about how Psycho was made fascinated me and my husband. He’s a big movie buff, so he was more interested in the lighting and I dug how “Hitch” helped the Scarlett Johansson shower scene come to life!

Want to know another cool movie tip? Okay, I’ll tell you… Cinemark has an app that REWARDS you for good behavior! I’ve used it once and already have a “Free Medium Fountain or Regular Frozen Drink” coming to me (and with the price of concessions topping eleventy-hundred dollars…) To earn your reward, simply:

  • silence your phone
  • tap CINEMODE in the app
  • tap Turn CineMode On
  • put away your phone
  • tap Turn CineMode Off when your movie is finished

This worked really well during our family movie day seeing Epic with the kids. I’m glad we earned something free because the wailing of a kid whose parent wouldn’t take them out (they finally did once or twice after many minutes of the shrieking disturbed our movie watching) less than pleased me.

There was also a group of 12+ kids with four adults in front of us that ruined it for us, too. The kids were fine, it was the rude adults who kept standing up in front of us during the movie to tell their friends where they were sitting (the rest of their party kept coming in after it had started) and moving seats leisurely like nobody was sitting behind them trying to watch the show.

Note: especially if you have a large party of people to manage, get there early (or at least on time) to get everyone settled in their seats.

After the third time one of the adults stood up blocking our view, my husband leaned forward and said, “Would you please sit down so we can see the movie?” She snapped back, “I’m working on it!”

It’s a good thing I’m not a violent person because I would’ve punched her in the throat. But I didn’t.

Following the movie and as we tossed our trash in the garbage, I thanked the employees who were about to head in to clean the theater and asked who was in charge so I could discuss my experience. Ms. Fisher was the manager on duty and professionally listened to my gripes and suggestions as well as my praise for the Cinemark app that rewarded me for good behavior. Yes, I can be bribed.

Here’s what I think: prior to a G or PG movie starting, theater staff could remind people in person (live, in front of the screen or outside the door as customers enter) to remove noisy children. She explained that they have a policy of giving those parents who end up in the hall a free movie voucher for their courtesy; I dig that. Staff should patrol the theater more often to remove patrons AS THEY SAY THEY WILL IN THE PREVIEWS.

It’d be nice if parents would be courteous to others in the theater and teenagers would be taught to behave during a movie, or I should be a gazillionaire so I could rent out the theater and have a private viewing without the distractions. Wouldn’t THAT be something?!? I’d totally invite you to join me, if you would behave, of course.



Janet June 11, 2013 at 4:55 am

Shannon, thanks for the tip about the Cinemark app – I’m going to get it. I’ll never forget watching a movie when I was about 7 months pregnant with my first. A toddler was wailing for most of it and his parents didn’t do a thing about it. There was a scene in the movie where a toddler was crying, just like the one in the theater. Everyone laughed. The parents didn’t get it still. Oh, and I remember the time when a crying baby ruined a Star Wars movie.

The World’s Fastest Indian was filmed in Utah? I think I just love that you love motorcycle movies!

Back to my story… I vowed NEVER ever to do that to anyone and I’ve kept my word. Now if I take kids to a movie it must be at the Kaysville Theater, early showing, kid’s movie. Then it doesn’t matter. It’s a zoo in there so no one cares and it’s kind of fun.

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Becky June 12, 2013 at 5:26 pm

I promise I will behave if you invite me to your private movie theater. Cross my heart! I hardly ever go to the movies. To cheap and I hate it when I have a bad experience.

Lucky Red Hen August 20, 2013 at 9:15 pm

We’ve had better luck going to the cheap theaters because at least there we’re paying less so we’re not as finicky when someone’s being inconsiderate (although I think we’ve had better luck with patrons at the cheap theater than full-price). Now I’m in the mood to see a movie and get some nachos!

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